Friday, June 24, 2011

New Title, New Possibilities

Hello everyone!
   Sorry for no posting lately, College can get crazy!  I recently retitled my hemp website, From "Fashionable Customizable Hemp Jewelry" TO "Modern Custom Hemp Jewelry"  Since I feel it better suites the message and point that I am trying to get across with my hemp jewelry.  I am very excited about this change and I am also very excited for more reasons!
   I am in talks with being featured in a Consignment shop in Indiana!  They said they have tried other hemp artists with plain tan hemp but nothing moved.  Well I have an ace up my sleeve,

                                COLORED HEMP!I am very proud of my colored hemp becuase I personally love color and love to play with it and combine it and see what happens.  My boyfriend and I call this adjustable hemp bracelet "Bubble Gum".  I think its so fun! 
Pink and black I think are my favorite combinations, and funny thing is Pink is my favorite color and black is my boyfriends favorite color!

I also have a new hemp bracelet I call the Extra Thick Braided Macrame Hemp Bracelet

I hand make 3 macrame hemp bracelets with various colors, then braid each bracelet together to make 1 awesome super bracelet!  I am currently waiting on my colored hemp I ordered to make bracelets for various countries, like Germany, USA, Italy etc.  If you have a custom request please don't hesitate to email me :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pop Heart Press

Hello Everyone,
  I just recently purchased a poster from Pop Heart Press whom I meet in a team I founded called Share a Critique.  As I was critiquing her site I noticed she had a poster of the united states with a small little heart over 1 city of your choosing.  You can also get the poster to say "Home Is Where The Heart Is....."  This item is so cute and perfect for me because I've moved around a lot and I've always felt that my heart was back home in Illinois (now my heart and home is here in Florida with my boyfriend but I will always have a soft spot for Edwardsville Illinois)
    I really wanted the state of Illinois to be colored in which I didn't see any of in here shop.  I talked to Heather(owner and operator of Paper Heart Press) and she said she would see what she could do.  The next day she had a custom listing up and was ready to go!  I was very impressed of how fast she was able to recreate her product to accommodate a customer!
   The next step was to pick my colors and this was the best part!  The color list is a page of different colored hearts you get to choose from.  The colors were so inventive!  The colors I choose were
Jello-Baby Blue
Cupcake- Pink
  She was very easy to work with and she had the item back from the printer the next day and shipped the day after!  I just received it and I LOVE IT!

 Please check out Heathers shop at
She also sells educational posters for teachers to post in their classrooms geared towards younger childern.  Here is a Coupon Code BLOGFAN10 from heather!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My First Treasury and Positive Feedback

  I have 3 sales in my new shop and I finally got my first feedback!!  It was awesome feedback and I'm so proud of myself!
   "Rachel was so great at communication and making sure everything was how I wanted it. I have never had that responsive and courteous of customer service before--thank you so much! I also love the final product. I can't think of anything bad to say. Again, thank you so much!" -Erik S.

I was also just featured in my first treasury!  My pink hemp bracelet was featured in a Pink Treasury!  My fav color! 

'Whats Black, White and Pink all over?' by xPeppyandBellex

This treasury!Featuring members of the Bohemian Lovers team, Treasury Island Team, and a few random people.Also, todays spotlight for Treasury Island: NouveauTique

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mushroom Beads

Woho!  Finally got some of the mushroom beads I was waiting for.  I also got more beads from and I LOVE THEM!  Here are the pics she sent me, then here are the pics after I made items with them.


I love them!  I am going to keep a few beads so i can make some things for myself :)
Here are the mushroom beads I got :)

they are available in both of my shops and

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