Monday, May 30, 2011

Branding Package FOR FREE!

  I just spend ALL DAY trying to find a template to make stickers.  I could not find anything and was getting very frusterated.  I tried Paint, Word, Gimp and various templates online.  I also wanted to learn how to make my own business cards without having to pay anyone.  Especially becuase my buiness changes everyday as well as my products(I like to have my product images on my business cards)
  After hours of searching I finally found the perfect website!  You don't have to download anything and its super easy.!  They have a whole section where u can pick a template, add your pictures and custom text, then save it and print it off right there!
  Here is the exact link  I am so excited I found this website!  I made thank you cards, Stickers, and business cards all for free and in less than an hour!  I finally branded my new business with my fav pic!*  Which you will be seeing alot im sure of :)

Business Cards
I also got a t-shirt with my custom logo on it.  But I got it from vista print for only like 12 bucks.  On the website I saw that they have a Tshirt transfer option.  I am going to try that soon to make shirts for my family and friends!

T-shirt from Vista Print
*You do need to purchase paper, sticker paper and a t-shirt

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My favorite pieces of hemp jewelry

 Hello guys!  I wanted to show a you a few of my favorite personal pieces that I wear all the time. My first favorite I just discoverd is the blue Hemp Bracelet.  I threw it on one day and realized how awesome it goes with my olive skin tone.
 Another one of my favorites is actually also one of my newest projects. The adjustable Anklet/Bracelet!  I have been meaning to try and make an adjustable piece of hemp jewelry ever since I owened one when i was a little girl. I just recently had some motivation so I finally jumped on it.  It works best with colored hemp since it is softer and allows for more give.  Plus that way it allows me to experiment with colors which i love to do!  I made one called the bumble bee and another one called bubble gum.

Check out all of my websites and contact me for a custom order!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Beads

Hey Guys!  I am expecting some new beads this comming week.  Mushroom beads to be exact!  very excited.  I think they are going to be Pink Green Blue Red Orange Black White OMG!  So many different colors :) heres a pic:
email me if you want exclusive first dibs, I will only be getting 15 pieces. Also I just orderd some charms that say "Belive in Love" Very cute! 
I also have a large variety of different items in my original etsy shop called
and of course

Friday, May 27, 2011

Custom Orders, I LOVE THEM!!

Hello everyone!
  I love making custom orders!  My whole philosophy is to make something just for you!  I have actually been hassled before that i should make a generic item with a generic size!  No Thank You!  I want to make exactlly what you want!  Here is one example, my Custom Couples Initial Bracelets.  Theses are my personal favorite, my boyfriend and I wear ours every day!
RS-Rachel Steck
CG-Camilo Gomez(my amazing boyfriend)

Custom Order I got just yesterday
Any letters
Any color hemp
Any length

My Ceramic Speckled hemp necklace
One of my favs Sold within a month
Got the beads from Edwardsville Illinois
From Bead-It


Here is the pic of my friend who bought the necklace wearing it. I made it to the exact length she needed.  Need it as a choker? Need it as a loose fitting necklace? NO PROBLEM!!  Just let me know :) I will be happy to make it for you.
And don't hesitate to email me at

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So Lately I have been looking for Lampwork glass beads with color inside a clear bead.  But I could not find them anywhere!  Until I came across MelissaBeads.  Her beads were amazing and exactlly what I was looking for! 

encased dichro tubes handmade glass

Such beautiful work!  So I asked her to make me a few and she got started right away!  She always responded timely to my convos and was very friendly.  I also received them within a few days of her shipping them. 

Pink and Blue Lampwork Glass Beaded Hemp Necklace

They turned out lovely, and she also threw in two freebies which was an awesome bonus!
  Blue Balls Hemp Bracelet

I have just been getting sick of the beads they have at Micheals and Joanns so I'm so glad I got some made by MELISABEADS Handmade!  Here is Her shop, Please check her out!  Melissabeads.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome To Custom Hemp Treasures

  I am very excited about my new Blog!  My name is Rachel Steck and I run 3 etsy shops, 1 other blog, a twitter, youtube and a Fliker all for my Shops.  My main focus of this blog will be for my hemp jewelry shop.  I will show tutorials, you tube videos, my process, inside scoops, new items and ocassionaly a giveaway!  I would also love to post about my favorite etsy shops ( I have many, so man talented people on etsy!).  Thank you everyone for stopping by and please tell you friends!